Our Free 2019 Teacher Calendar Is Available Now

Save, print, and get organized for the new year!

Free Printable 2019 Teacher Calendar - WeAreTeachers

Hooray! Our FREE 2019 teacher calendar is ready to save and print. We look forward to putting together this calendar every year and packing it with our favorite classroom jokes, writing prompts, random acts of kindness, and more. This calendar makes a great gift—just submit your email here to save and print!

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find inside our 2019 teacher calendar:

Brain Breaks and Writing Prompts 


Because we could always use more of those!

Dr. Seuss Quotes and Earth Month Activities 


Easy ideas to help our planet.

End-of-the-Year Questions and Teacher Self-Care Tips


Because June is all about recovery.

Teacher Summer Tips and Back-to-School Icebreaker Questions 


So great for a new school year!

Classroom Goals and Funny Jokes to Share With Kids


We’re still laughing at some of the punchlines on these.

Gratitude Tips and Random Acts of Kindness 


A perfect way to wrap up the year!

Yes! I Want My 2019 Teacher Calendar!

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