If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to bring more organization to your personal or professional life, WE HEAR YOU. Let us collectively get our acts together in 2017. To help, we’ve gathered some of our favorite organizational tools and supplies. Maybe one of them will be the life-changing answer we need. ?

1. An all-in-one-place to-do list.

For sketching out your lessons, grading, even your daily water intake. Pad with 50 pages from $12.50.



2. File folders with attitude.

Hmm, we can think of what might go into the “Won’t Do” file. ?? Set of 9 from $15.74.

File Folders With Attitude


3. Teacher binder clips.

To keep that paper stash from getting too out of control. Set of 5 from $14.07.

Teacher Binder Clips


4. All the Flair pens.

Because nothing says 2017 organization like an elaborate color-coding system for your lesson book. 24 from $16.94.

All the Flair Pens


5. A magnetic whiteboard eraser.

So you’ll never misplace it again. From $5.49.

Magnetic whiteboard eraser


6. Pretty washi tape.

Use it to label books, highlight appointments or lessons on your calendar, or tape up students’ work. 12 rolls from $15.45.

Pretty Washi Tape


7. A germ-fighting scissor caddy.

The scissors and the caddy itself are anti-microbial to prevent those winter colds from spreading. Nifty! Caddy plus 24 pairs of scissors from $22.68.

A Germ Fighting Scissor Caddy


8. A personalized library stamp.

So your copy of Where the Wild Things Are never goes astray. From $21.95.

A Classroom Library Stamp


9. A new classroom mailbox.

Assign each student a slot and use it for both incoming and outgoing materials. From $40.

A classroom mailbox


10. A grading calculator.

On those days you just can’t math, use this handy calculator to generate grades based on number of wrong answers. From $6.50.

Grading Calculator


11. Alphabet stickers for your classroom library.

Use these to organize books by reading level or author’s name. $14.75 for 10 sheets.

Alphabet Stickers


12. A desktop organizer.

For stashing sticky notes, paper clips, even your phone. From $33.14.

A Desktop Organizer


13. An infuser water bottle.

Steep your water with fresh citrus, herbs, or berries, and you’re more likely to drink the good stuff. From $16.95.

An Infuser Water Bottle


14. Chalkboard labels.

Perfect for classroom library or supply closet baskets, because you can erase and use again! From $9.99.

Chalkboard Labels


15. Decorative clothespins.

So fun for a gallery wall! From $10.55.

Decorative Clothespins


16. A colorful pencil pouch.

To keep your classroom supply from wandering off. From $11.66.

A colorful pencil pouch


17. Colorful caddies.

For storing just about anything. Set of 6 from $11.58.

Colorful Caddies


How are you getting organized in 2017?

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