10 Easy Ways to Teach Students about Saving Money

Set them up to succeed!

teach kids about money

In our financial climate, it’s clear that many people have not learned ways to help them to save money. Help your students to become the exception by giving them the tools they need to become savers early on.

Here are 10 simple ideas to teach students about saving money.

  1. Help your students to set financial goals—ask them to consider a big-ticket item or putting aside money for college. Check in regularly to find out what they’re doing to work towards those goals.
  2. Keep various couponing blogs on a favorites list on your classroom computers so that your kids can read about coupons and get some ideas on the many ways they can save.
  3. Use play-paper money as a reward in your classroom—and let kids save up for various prizes like an extra 10 minutes at recess or computer time.
  4. Ask your students to share examples of how their parents are saving money in their households.
  5. Challenge your students to find a way to save X-dollars when they’re doing their holiday or back-to-school shopping—and then share with the class how they did it.
  6. Display pictures of the classroom items—an iPad, new books—you’re saving for and keep a running tally of how much you’ve saved.
  7. Tell your students about your own personal finance strategies.
  8. Teach your students how to comparison shop online so they know how to always get the best deal.
  9. Have your students write grocery lists and then give them newspaper ads and challenge them to see how much money they could save using the ads.

10. Post a “Personal Finance Tip of the Day” in your classroom.

How do you teach your students about personal finance?

Posted by Jennifer Prescott

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