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4 Ways Technology Can Simplify Learning

It wasn't that long ago that students had to lug heavy backpacks jammed with textbooks to school every day and teachers had to (gasp!) use overhead projectors and copiers to easily distribute and assess information. But technology​ has changed all that!

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60 Apps to Teach STEAM in the Classroom

Using a tablet to explore STEAM concepts is a natural pairing—as kids drag, draw and create they learn more about technology and the world around them. That's why we've gathered 60 of our favorite apps for teaching STEAM in the classroom, with recommendations for every grade level. Read on to get our list!

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The Teacher Report: 8 Helpful Tech Tools for the Common Core

While the implementation of the Common Core State Standards means a lot of work and transition ahead, the good thing about shared benchmarks across 45 states is that you can now share resources, ideas and lessons with a colleague across the hall—or across the country. With that in mind, we asked our Facebook fans for their favorite online tools that are making the transition a little easier.

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What is your biggest challenge in the one-to-one classroom?
What is your biggest challenge in the one-to-one classroom?

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Enjoy this special collection of tech rules mini-posters designed to keep kids on task in the 1-to-1 classroom or computer room. Think before you print. Keep your password safe. Eyes on your own screen. These are the basic rules of tech etiquette and safety that your students need front and center. Download the whole series and post them together as a bulletin board or separately as reminders around the room!

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Chromebook in the Elementary Classroom

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