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Infographic: Understanding Dyslexia (And Your Students Who Have It)

Everyone has heard of dyslexia, but do we truly understand what it means? Get the numbers, myths, and facts with our latest infographic, and learn what students with dyslexia wish everyone knew.

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Teacher Helpline: How to Build Social Skills for Students With Autism

The latest numbers show that as many as one in ​50 U.S. children are now on the autism spectrum, which means that many of us are facing similar issues in our classrooms. Here's how some of our teacher helpliners have worked to develop the social skills of their students with autism as well as the understanding of their peers.

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Teacher Helpline: How How Can I Help to Refocus a Student With ADHD?

Ahh, springtime—tis the season for kids to wiggle in their chairs, run to the window and count down until the bell rings. For students with attention disorders, this time of year can be particularly rough.

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Special Report: Assistive Technology
Get help for your special ed students with Assistive Technology  The past three years have seen a sea change in the use of technology in special education. The introduction of the iPad, followed by numerous other tablets, has put technology into the hands of students in a way unprecedented in the years before. Hallie Fischburg is a special education teacher at the IDEAL school in New York, where teachers and therapists are using adaptive technology throughout the school at all grade levels, including iPads and several other pieces of hardware and software. 

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Creating an Effective Multisensory Math Curriculum View »
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