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Check out our collection of teacher favorite lesson plans and resources for teaching history, geography, civics and more.

Creating a Classroom Constitution

Grade(s): Elementary

Type(s): Lesson Plans


Students will create a classroom constitution with the goal of promoting a positive classroom community and pride in their classroom.

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Let's Learn About American Freedoms and the Bill of Rights


Type(s): Lesson Plans


Students will explore the Bill of Rights and be able to share the intention and purpose of the document and gain an understanding of freedom and patriotism.

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Fitting Debate into the Puzzle

A presidential election year is the perfect time to harness the topic of debate and connect students’ lives to the political issues being argued.

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Teaching Fact and Opinion

Learning how to discern fact from opinion will not only serve your students well on standardized tests, it's an essential life skill
It’s a Classic: Ancient Greece Resources

Bring Greek myths into your classroom in creative ways including physics, Star Wars, and children's literature.
Seasonal Activity Ideas
Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities Reinvent your Thanksgiving lessons this year with these fun crafts, printable activities, books and more.

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