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Resources and Inspiration for Teaching Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar, Spelling, and Figurative Language.

Early Literacy Daily Journal

Grade(s): Early Learning

Type(s): Lesson Plans


In this daily activity, your kids will get warmed up for the day's activities and to practice their reading and writing skills at the same time.

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Searching for the Real Non-Fiction


Type(s): Lesson Plans


Students will examine various forms of literature to select which are works of non-fiction as compared to fiction.

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8 Steps to Successful Classroom Readers Theater

Readers Theater is a great way to enrich your students' reading practice and bring joy to reading class at the same time.

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Infographic: Understanding Dyslexia

Everyone has heard of dyslexia, but do we understand what it means?
Get the numbers, myths, and facts.
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Building Your Classroom Library

In our new survey, WeAreTeachers discovered how classroom libraries are changing in addition to the must-have books teachers are using year after year.

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