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Art in the Classroom

Discover all the wonderful ways you can bring creativity and the arts into your lesson plans.

Fraction Circle Art

Keep your students engaged while teaching fractions by creating art!

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Teach About Shapes & Creativity at the Same Time With This Simple Idea

Here's a shapes lesson idea that will inspire creativity.  Teach your students about edges and corners of shapes as you create geometric art.

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Paint Chip Arrays

Teach your students to make art and learn multiplication using paint chips!

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Printable Art Posters
40 Ways to Make Time For Creativity in your Lessons

Ideas for every grade level for incorporating more art into your day.
Art and the Brain: What Are the Benefits?

Art always deserves a place in education, but did you know art also enhances reading and math skills.
Special Report: Art in The Classroom
Teachers instinctually know that art, music and drama add value to kids’ lives. But in the era of high-stakes exams, the arts often fall to the bottom of the list, whether we intend them to or not. In this report, we explore research that shows the arts actually improve test scores—and enrich kids’ lives in a million other ways—along with simple tips for incorporating more art into your lesson plans.

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Featured Art WATcast
The Power of Visual Learning with Stuart J. Murphy View »
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