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Winter Break Countdown

The holidays can be pretty stressful—especially for teachers who are trying to manage their own stress along with the excitement of twenty-plus students who still need to learn something in December. That's why we've compiled twelve day's worth of fun classroom activities, stress-relievers and mini-breaks to help you count down the days until winter break.

Winter Break Countdown
Day 1: Start the Countdown
Countdown to the holiday break with these adorable cocoa mug counters and some mini marshmallows.
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books that make great gifts
Day 2: Read a book
Help your students get into the gifting mood by reading one of these great gifting books aloud.
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Day 3: Reach Out and Help Others
Help your students get into the holiday spirit and volunteer to do something nice for someone else.
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Day 4: Make Something Special
Invite your students to make a beautiful (and fun) holiday gift for their parents.
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Day 5: Send Them Off
Send your students off to break with a printable winter poem from Robert Louis Stevenson.

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Day 6: Work Together
Rally your students to work together to create a beautiful torn-paper tree that represents unity.
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Day 7: Write It Out
Journaling meets the holidays with this printable writing prompt asking kids to write about how they celebrate.

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Day 8: Make a Gift Worth Giving
Invite your students to give their parents a handmade gift that they will really treasure.
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Day 9: Do an Art Project
These windowed holiday decorations will not only give your classroom a festive air, but they also teach math skills (shhhh!)
Day 10: Keep Them Busy
We've loaded up our Pinterest board with easy five-minute activities for those times when everyone needs a break.
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Day 11: Celebrate with the World
Head to the computer lab or use streaming videos to teach your students about how various cultures celebrate.
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Day 12: Save Your Own Sanity
Read our teacher-submitted tips for saving time (and stress) when things get busy..
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