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Tablets 101 The Best Apps, Mobile Learning Ideas and More
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As tablets and iPads become more ubiquitous in classrooms around the country, and educational apps pile up by the thousands, the challenge is to identify what really works in the classroom—and what doesn’t. When does this technology truly motivate students and when is it just icing on the cake? Click below to explore some answers, favorite strategies, app recommendations and more.

30 Kids, One iPad?
No sweat! These 15 apps will help save your sanity.

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60 Apps for Teaching STEAM
Save this handy chart and pass it on to a teaching friend!

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Tablets in Special Education
Learn why tablets are replacing other assistive technologies.
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Free Poster: Rules for the iPad
Download our free iPad safety poster to share with students.
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Learning to Read, iPad-Style
Discover our favorite reading activities and apps.

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5 Apps for Connecting With Parents
Improve home-school communication with these ideas.
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5 Summer Learning Apps
Share these educational and organizational apps with families.

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Apps and Tablets on Pinterest
See our favorite ideas from around the Web.
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