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There’s a lot of debate about special education in this country, from the high annual cost to the effectiveness of mainstreaming. Explore what some successful districts are doing for both inclusion and pulled-out classes, as well as the best tools and resources for making special education work.

Increase Classroom Participation
Help special education students analyze their own participation with this simple lesson.
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The New Face of Assistive Technology
How tablets are revolutionizing education for kids with special needs.
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Infographic: The Truth About Dyslexia
What students with this learning disability wish you knew.
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The Best Reading and Writing Programs for Special Ed
See what curriculums our teacher community recommends.
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Managing IEPs
Discover the best ways to keep the paperwork under control.

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Autism and Social Skills
How to help a struggling student find and make friends.
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Outlets for Kids With ADHD
Find creative ways for students to burn off energy.

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How BYOD Can Work in Special Ed
The BYOD model has real benefits for students with special needs.
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Special Education on Pinterest
Explore the ideas we’ve saved from around the Web.
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Minding the Performance Gap
Understand how the Common Core impacts the literacy performance gap.
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