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Today's teachers are working in a brave new world—one where tablets, apps, and interactive whiteboards are all part of the learning environment. But in order to make this technology a meaningful part of the curriculum, it needs to be incorporated in a thoughtful way. Below find our favorite strategies, activities, and products for creating truly eye-opening technology lessons. 
21st Century Dream Grant
360 Ideas for the 21st Century Classroom
These days, our only limit is our imagination when it comes to designing interactive and engaging lessons. Find ideas to spark your own thinking.
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Choosing Technology
Choosing Technology That Works for You
With a limited budget, how do you know what technology is worth the investment and what isn't? Keep these five rules in mind.

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The Skills You Need to Teach Online
Are you thinking about teaching online or is your district now requiring it? Check out what other teachers say is most important to be successful.
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5 Strategies for BYOD Campuses
More and more schools are implementing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies. Our five-step guide can help you get started.
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254 Ways to Use a Document Camera
Whether you teach math, science, reading, or social studies, a document camera can make your lessons come to life. Discover how.
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Free Technology Training
WAT's partner Odysseyware offers training in all aspects of online learning, including RTI and collaboration. Best of all, they're free!
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At Home Over Summer
A Plugged In Summer Break
Worried about the summer slide? Learn how technology can help keep students on track and prepare them for next year.

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Tech Speed of Learning Grant
660 Technology-Infused Lessons
Real teachers share high-tech activities they say help them keep up with the pace of learning in their classrooms.
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Tech-Centric Classroom
Avoiding Backchannel Distraction
Many teachers worry about the distraction that technology introduces, but here are five creative ways around it.

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4 Art Projects for High-Tech Kids
Put down those paintbrushes and pick up a mouse or clicker! Learn how to incorporate the latest technology into art class.
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