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 Classroom Contest:  If We Were President

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Classroom Contest: If We Were President
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Heather England submitted an idea on Friday, October 19, 2012
My Idea
Vote me Maybe
Educations Level(s)
Charlotte Mecklenburg
School Name
Smithfield Elementary
How did you organize your class to create this entry?
My class was broken into committees for this project. The four committees were wardrobe, technology, song writers, and props. They worked together and even collaborated with other committees on ideas.
What would your class say they are most proud of in creating this entry – from conception and brainstorming, to final product?
They loved the creating aspect whether it was writing the lyrics or creating signs. Students were so excited to sing what they wrote. Honestly they love seeing themselves on YouTube. On the final practice day they finally perfected the 2nd verse!
Project Format
YouTube Video
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