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How would you use a videoconferencing tool to expand your students' learning beyond the classroom?

Your teaching idea can earn you valuable cash and resources for your classroom. 

With a videoconferencing tool such as AVer’s HVC310, your students can chat with anyone, anywhere—from a zoology expert in Tanzania to a museum guide in Paris. Plus, you can use the easy recording feature to capture your interactive lessons for students to watch later—a bonus for educators interested in “flipped” teaching. We want to hear your best ideas for using a videoconferencing tool to expand students’ learning possibilities.

What are your ideas for:

  • Using the AVer HVC310 as a way to invite experts into your classroom.
  • Taking interactive field trips around the world with the help of a videoconferencing tool.
  • Using the recording feature so that students can watch lessons outside of class time, following a “flipped classroom” model.

Contest Details

Troxell Communications is the sponsor and WeAreTeachers is the official administrator of this program. 

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Apply By:
November 13
November 22 - December 13
Winner(s) Announced:
December 17
How It Works
  1. Submit a teaching idea. It takes as little as 5 minutes. Here are some simple tips to get started!
  2. Our teacher panel will choose 10 teaching ideas as merit finalists.
  3. Merit finalists are entered into the final round for voting. You can invite your colleagues, friends and family to vote for your idea.

Prize Package

5 winners will receive:

$100 cash grant

iPod touch to capture your idea in action

PLUS, one grand-prize winner chosen by Troxell Communications will receive a complete technology package, including:

  • AVer HVC310 videoconferencing tool
  • NEC E422 42” flat screen display
  • Balt 27531 flat panel cart
(Note: By commenting here, you are not submitting an application. To apply for this grant, click on the submit button above.)
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