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With its strong focus on civics and inquiry a new framework for social studies instruction is in the process of being developed and is designed to help educators expand social studies and civic education in the K-12 classroom

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National Council for Social Studies: the largest association in the country devoted solely to social studies education. Visit "www.SocialStudies.org" on Constitution Day to see the C3 Framework! 


Civics is more than ... share your best ideas and win!
Civics is more than … share your best ideas and win!
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Dave Keller submitted an idea on Wednesday, September 18, 2013
My Idea
There Ought To Be A Law
How It Works
Students identify a social problem, define a solution to the problem and design a law that will implement the solution. They write a proposal for their law, a bill, and participate in a mock legislative assembly to debate the merits of their idea. With their tested, debated and revised bills, students then lobby local lawmakers with their work. If possible students visit lawmakers but this project has been successful corresponding by mail. In the Piedmont High School classroom this project is educational, motivating, fun, and impacts our state's legislative process.
Educations Level(s)
High School
Learning Objectives
The students will impact state politics and law while having fun and learning about the legislative process.
Students need internet access for research, computers to type their work and access to political leaders (either in person or through the mail).
Project Format
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