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Civics is more than ... share your best ideas and win!
Civics is more than … share your best ideas and win!
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tania torres submitted an idea on Friday, October 25, 2013
My Idea
Edcouch Elsa Walk Out Symposium: Celebrating Youth as Change Agents (45th Anniversary of the Edcouch Elsa Walk Out)
How It Works
The Symposium would be a student led event. Students would research the history of the Edcouch Elsa Walk out and begin short interviews with community members who were directly involved in the walk out. They would also access local historical archives from the school, newspapers, UTPA research documents that would allow them to create of timeline of events. Answering questions such as; what led to the walkout, why choose a walk out, what was the immediate aftermath of the walkout, did school context change post walk out, what is the legacy of the walkout? Students would then invite different community members who were involved in some way in the walkout. These community members would lead a panel discussion of the events and the legacy of the walk out in our community. They would also discuss what our community should continue doing well and where we need to continue working hard. The symposium would also host a couple of Edcouch Elsa alumni who are currently doing great work in the community. They would represent the legacy of the walk out and what it means to have been educated at Edcouch Elsa. They would share their empowering stories. Lastly we would have our current students perform their music, read their poetry, shows case their talents to represent the beauty and strength of our community and the legacy the walkout has had.
Educations Level(s)
Elementary, Middle School, High School
Learning Objectives
~Understand the historical significance of the Edcouch Elsa Walk out in the country and directly related to their community ~Identify the social context that led to the Nov 14th student demonstration ~understand the Brown vs. the Board of education case in relation to the local community history ~understand the meaning of “change agent” ~identify who have been important “change agents” in the community
CBS News Clip Dr. Guardjardo’s Article Brown Article Oral History archives www.llanogrande.org http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xU-zQBvgn-k
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