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Civics is more than ... share your best ideas and win!
Civics is more than … share your best ideas and win!
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Heather Klos submitted an idea on Monday, September 09, 2013
My Idea
What's the point of voting?
How It Works
A voting PSA will be created to encourage the public, especially the youngest voting population, to vote. They will be informed on the rights and responsibilities of voting, the role of a voter, and why their vote does count. The PSA will also have interviews from voters, their experiences, and their feelings on their role in the government through voting.
Educations Level(s)
Middle School
Social Studies
Learning Objectives
The student will: 1. Create a PSA on the right and responsibility of voting 2. Define responsibility & right 3. Explain the need for voting and the need for being educated as a voter on the issues. 4. Give examples of an educated voter
Video camera, video editing tool/equipment, youtube, internet for research, public interviews
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