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Blogging about the Connected Classroom
Anderson, Steven

Director of Tech for school district outside Atlanta. Cofounder of #edchat. Highly influential.

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Specialty: Instructional technology, resources for teachers, Web 2.0
Twitter Name: web20classroom
2010 Followers: N/A
2011 Followers: 35,734
Teach Paperless
Blake-Plock, Shelly and R. Richard Wojewodzki 

Description: Collaborative of  teachers  to record their experiences  going paperless. Chief blogger is Shelly Blake-Plock.

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Specialty: Digital technology, new media, education

Twitter Name: teachpaperless
2010 Followers: 6,453 
2011 Followers: 16,821
Cybrary Man
Blumengarten, Jerry 

Description: Helps moderate Twitter's #edchat forums on Tuesdays. Thought leader in instructional technology, creating cyber libraries of resources.

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Specialty: Instructional technology, resources for teachers

Twitter Name: @cybraryman1
2010 Followers: 10,872 
2011 Followers: 11,016
Free Tech 4 Teachers
Byrne, Richard 

Description: 2010 winner best Edublog Award. Available for speaking, product reviews. US history/civics high school teacher in ME. Site takes ads.

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Specialty: Free Ed Tech Resources

Twitter Name: rmbyrne
2010 Followers: 11,511 
2011 Followers: 20,751
Edtech Vision
Cassinelli, Colette 

Description: High school librarian & new media teacher at a private Catholic high school near Portland, OR. 20+ years teaching K-12. Founded the PDXedcamp.

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Specialty: Tech for librarians, google certified

Twitter Name: ccassinelli
2010 Followers: 2,292 
2011 Followers: 3,471
Always Learning
Cofino, Kim 

Description: Edublog award nominee. In her 9th year of teaching technology in international schools, now in Thailand.

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Specialty: International tech, tech tips for teachers.

Twitter Name: mscofino
2010 Followers: 4,862 
2011 Followers: 6,944
Cool Cat Teacher
Davis, Vicki 

Description: Consistent edublog award winner. Founded flat classroom, wiki expert, available for speaking, does product reviews, accepts ads on blog site.

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Specialty: Flat classroom, wikis and ed tech

Twitter Name: CoolCatTeacher
2010 Followers: 10,581 
2011 Followers: 27,217
Dykes, Amanda 

Description: Sixth grade teacher who is passionate about technology integration, flipped classroom. Nominated as best new blog in 2010.

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Specialty: Technology integration, flipped classroom

Twitter Name: amandacdykes
2011 Followers: 3,115
Edutopia's team of bloggers

Description: Edutopia hosts a variety of bloggers with specialty areas from STEM to project based learning.

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Specialty: Various educators post to this website.

Twitter Name: edutopia
2011 Followers: 43,260
Larry Ferlazzo’s English Website

Description: Consistent edublog award winner. Features websites for teaching ELL, ESL and EFL. HS English/SS teacher in Sacramento. Also has blog on edweek.

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Specialty: Technology; ELL, ESL, engaging parents. In the trenches classroom mgmt.

Twitter Name: larryferlazzo
2010 Followers: 7,226 
2011 Followers: 13,002
Moving at the Speed of Creativity
Fryer, Wesley  

Description: Award-winning Oklahoma blogger, Web 2.0 technologies, their appropriate use, digital storytelling, educational leadership, blended learning. Takes ads on his blog.

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Specialty: Ed tech, e learning

Twitter Name: wfryer
2010 Followers: 7,055 
2011 Followers: 11,266
Steve Hargadon

Description: Consultant for Elluminate/Blackboard Collaborate. Created the Classroom 2.0 social network. Emerging Technologies Chair for ISTE.

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Specialty: Web 2.0, Blackboard related, emerging technologies

Twitter Name: stevehargadon
2010 Followers: 6,204 
2011 Followers: 11,169
Bud The Teacher
Hunt, Bud  

Description:Instructional technologist for the St. Vrain Valley School District in northern Colorado.

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Specialty: Teaching 2.0, digital learning collaboratives

Twitter Name: budtheteacher
2011 Followers: 7,381
Kevin Jarrett

Description: K-4 Computer Teacher & Technology Facilitator and District Webmaster in New Jersey.

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Specialty: Ed tech

Twitter Name: kjarrett
2010 Followers: 6,305 
2011 Followers: 9,250
Blue Skunk Blog
Johnson, Doug  

Description: Director of media and technology for the Mankato (MN) Public Schools. Author of six books, a long- running column in Library Media Connection, the Blue Skunk Blog. ISTE speaker.

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Specialty: Media and tech

Twitter Name: blueskunkblog
2011 Followers: 1,636
Reflections from an Elementary Principal
Johnson, Jessica  

Description: Wisconsin elementary principal, passionate about learning, instructional leadership, co-moderator of #educoach chat.

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Specialty: Principal issues, intstructional leadership

Twitter Name: PrincipalJ
2011 Followers: 1,758
Technology Tidbits
Kapuler, David  

Description: Running list of tech tools for teachers. Accepts ads.

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Specialty: Technology in the classroom

Twitter Name: dkapuler
2011 Followers: 1,435
Kendall, Sandy  

Description: Texas-based instructional technologist. Active in Texas education, provides tips, ideas for teachers.

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Specialty: K-12 Inst. Tech Specialist with MEd. Hoping to build bridges between thinkers in the cloud & teachers in classroom

Twitter Name: EdTechSandyK
2011 Followers: 3,135
Allison Kipta

Description: Cryptic blog listing tools, resources for ed tech.

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Specialty: Ed tech tools

Twitter Name: akipta
2010 Followers: 2,270 
2011 Followers: 2,346
Kuropatwa, Darren  

Description: Infrequent but thoughtful blogger. High school math teacher, tech consultant, Manitoba.

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Specialty: Math, teaching philosophy

Twitter Name: dkuropatwa
2010 Followers: 1,939 
2011 Followers: 2,891
Chad Lehman

Description: Employed as Discovery Educator Network (DEN) Community Manager. Formerly a school ibrarian & classroom teacher.

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Specialty: Tech resources, all things Discovery Education

Twitter Name: imcguy
2010 Followers: 1,283 
2011 Followers: 2,056
Practical Theory
Lehmann, Chris  

Description: Philadelphia-based principal of the Science Leadership Academy. Co-chair of EduCon. Keynote speaker at 2011 ISTE.

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Specialty: STEM, instructional technology

Twitter Name: chrislehmann
2011 Followers: 10,422
E- learning journeys
Lindsay, Julie  

Description: E-Learning coordinator at Beijing (BISS) International School. Co-founder Flat Classroom Projects.

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Specialty: E-learning, global education

Twitter Name: julielindsay
2010 Followers: 3,780 
2011 Followers: 5,260
Angela Maiers

Description: Highly influential twitterer, speaker, consultant. 20-year educator, now with her own consultancy. Often speaks on motivating teachers.

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Specialty: Using technology and social media to create positive change in schools.

Twitter Name: angelamaiers
2010 Followers: 13,852 
2011 Followers: 25,604
Scott McLeod

Description: Created the famous "Shift Happens" video viewed millions of times on YouTube. IT director and founder of CASTLE - administrators' PD program. Keynote at ISTE.

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Specialty: PD for teachers, instructional technology

Twitter Name: mcleod
2011 Followers: 12,752
Reflections on Teaching
Mercer, Alice  

Description: Computer lab teacher at an elementary school in Sacramento.

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Specialty: Ed tech

Twitter Name: alicemercer
2010 Followers: 1,533 
2011 Followers: 2,390

Description: Founded by KQED/NPR. New site.

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Specialty: Future of learning, research, trends, innovations

Twitter Name: MindShiftKQED
2011 Followers: 5,873
Ask a Tech Teacher
Murray, Jacqui  

Description: Tech teacher for 15 years in elementary school in CA. Provides tips, insight for teachers.

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Specialty: instructional technology, tech integration

2011 Followers: 1,048
Cathy Nelson

Description: Nominee for Edublog awards. Offers tips to teachers and library media specialists who are modeling integration of technology. Media specialist in SCarolina. DEN Star.

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Specialty: DEN, tech integration from media specialist point of view

Twitter Name: cathyjo
2010 Followers: 1,649 
2011 Followers: 2,275
Alan November

Description: Founder, November Learning. Pioneer in instructional technology. Author, speaker. Most recent boook is "3 Keys to the Flipped Classroom."

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Specialty: Instructional technology, tech integration

Twitter Name: globalearner
2010 Followers: 4,565 
2011 Followers: 9,759
21st Century Collaborative
Nussbaum-Beach, Sheryl  

Description: 20 year educator. Author of "The Connected Educator, learning and leading in the 21st Century." Co- Founder of PLPnetwork.com

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Specialty: Research and speaking interests include 21st Century reform, teacher leadership, networks, and community building online

Twitter Name: snbeach
2010 Followers: 5,099 
2011 Followers: 7,869
Kyle Pace

Description: Instructional technologist in Missouri. Active in twitter edchat, edcamps. Co-authored “Integrating Technology with Music Instruction.”

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Specialty: Instructional technology

Twitter Name: kylepace
2011 Followers: 10,546
Pappas, Peter  

Description: 35+years in classroom, administration. Now a PD consultant. Goes nationwide to teach and speak. Growing influence.

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Specialty: Project-based learning, student-centered learning

Twitter Name: peterpappas
2011 Followers: 2,837
The Nerdy Teacher
Provenzano, Nicholas  

Description: Founded the Project PLN, an online ezine. In his first year of blogging nominated for best new blog, best teacher blog.

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Specialty: Project-based learning

Twitter Name: TheNerdyTeacher
2011 Followers:12,437
Will Richardson

Description: Educator, speaker, author, 10-year blogger at Weblogg-ed and now at willrichardson,com. Educator for 22 years. Co-founder of Powerful Learning Practice.

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Specialty: Instructional technology, PD focus, PLNs

Twitter Name: willrich45
2010 Followers:12,931 
2011 Followers:20,843
EdTech Digest
Rivero, Victor  

Description: Blog/online magazine about edtech, and the industry. Victor is formerly editor with District Administration and THE Journal.

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Specialty: Ed tech industry, interviews with key company leaders, top trends

Twitter Name: edtechdigest
2011 Followers:2,204
Educators Royal Treatment
Royal, Ken  

Description: Scholastic Administrator Tech Editor; 34-year veteran teacher, and ed tech author.

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Specialty: Tools, trends in education

Twitter Name: kenroyal
2011 Followers:2,235
Change Agency
Sandifer, Stephanie  

Description: Online educator, technology coach, edublogger, advocate for arts & technology education. Author of “Wikis for School Leaders.” Houston based.

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Specialty: Online learning, wikis

Twitter Name: ssandifer
2010 Followers: 2,056 
2011 Followers: 2,747
Kathy Shrock”s Kaffeeklatsch
Schrock, Kathy  

Description: Edublog award winner. Thought leader in edtech. Retired in 2010 after stellar career in PennSD. Still very active as consultant, speaker. Features products on her site.

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Specialty: Ed tech, instructional technology pioneer

Twitter Name: kathyschrock
2010 Followers: 7,548 
2011 Followers:12,757
Stump the Teacher
Stumpenhorst, Josh  

Description: Chicago-based 6th grade language arts and social science teacher. Active in twitter edchats.

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Specialty: Instructional technology, resources for teachers

Twitter Name: stumpteacher
2011 Followers:4,845
iLearn Technology
Tenkely, Kelly  

Description: Edublog award winner. Technology teacher, classroom tech integration specialist, Den Star, instructional coach.

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Specialty: Integrating tech into the classroom

Twitter Name: ktenkely
2010 Followers:4,734 
2011 Followers:8,932
Teacher Boot Camp
Terrell, Shelly  

Description: Highly influential blogger, tweeter. Calls herself an education thought-provoker. Travels worldwide to speak, teach teachers. #Edchat cofounder. Based in San Antonio

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Specialty: Social media for educators, PLNs

Twitter Name: ShellTerrell
2011 Followers:18,348
Alfred Thompson

Description: K-12 computer science academic relations manager for Microsoft. Former HS computer science teacher.

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Specialty: Computer science curriculums

Twitter Name: alfredtwo
2010 Followers:2,174 
2011 Followers:3,700
David Truss

Description: Vice principal with the Learning Innovations Network in BC, Canada. Focusing on Open Learning. Nominated for edublog awards.

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Specialty: Open learning

Twitter Name: datruss
2010 Followers:2,869 
2011 Followers:4,481
Jeff Utecht

Technology & Learning Coordinator International School Bangkok, Author of books on Web 2.0 for educators.

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Specialty: Web 2.0 presenter

Twitter Name: jutecht
2010 Followers:7,238 
2011 Followers:9,944
School Library Journal
Valenza, Joyce  

Description: Edublog award winner. Teacher-librarian at Springfield Township High School.

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Specialty: Library issues, technology

Twitter Name: joycevalenza
2010 Followers:5,762 
2011 Followers:9,850
2¢ Worth
Warlick, David  

Description: 35-year educator as teacher, administrator, staff with NC Dept. of Ed. Education consultant. Thought leader in instructional technology.

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Specialty: Instructional technology, 21st century teaching

Twitter Name: dwarlick
2010 Followers:9,665 
2011 Followers:13,804
Waters, Sue  

Description:Helping others with Web 2.0 technology and blogs in the classroom. Expert in all things blogging for teachers.

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Specialty: Helps teachers know best practices around blogging and ed tech tips

Twitter Name: dwarlick
2010 Followers:6,889 
2011 Followers:9,095
Specialty: Teaching ideas, teacher promotions

Twitter Name: weareteachers
2010 Followers:10,000 
2011 Followers:23,567
My/Island View
Whitby, Tom  

Description:Co-Founder of #edchat, moderates. Created EduPLN community NING. Thought leader on instructional technology, professor of ed in NY after 35+ years in classroom teaching.

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Specialty: Instructional technology, teaching pedagogy, social media as PLN resource

Twitter Name: tomwhitby
2011 Followers:14,704
Kirsten Winkler

Description:2010 2nd runnerup best edublog award. Founder & Editor @EDUKWEST, Started as a language teacher, now consulting, writing.

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Specialty: Instructional technology, Web 2.0 strategies

Twitter Name: kirstenwinkler
2010 Followers:1,604 
2011 Followers:2,730
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