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The Easy-to-Use Literacy Tool to Improve Both Reading Comprehension & Writing Skills

WriteToLearn™ is the only online writing instruction tool developed to reinforce the required interplay between reading, writing, and vocabulary — the bedrock of literacy. It is the only tool to include adaptive vocabulary exercises within reading passages.

• Summary writing — to develop reading comprehension

• Vocabulary — to expand word knowledge

• Essay writing — to build writing skills

WriteToLearn allows students to build all three skills through frequent, consistent practice with feedback for improvement. In addition, WriteToLearn addresses ALL of the recommendations included in Carnegie’s Reading Next and Writing Next reports, and it supports the Common Core State Standards.

With this complete online assessment and instruction tool, teachers, administrators, and others in your school system will save time and better serve the needs of struggling readers, writers, and English language learners.

Based on years of research and trusted educational technology, WriteToLearn engages students and provides flexible, easy-to-use, and effective writing assessment instruction.

• Vocabulary exercises in select reading passages complete the literacy instruction trio of reading, writing, and vocabulary

• Essay tips to help scaffold the essay writing process

• Expanded audio/visual support for English language learners and struggling readers, including:

  • A highlighting tool to mark main and supporting ideas
  • An embedded picture dictionary
  • An improved, more human-like voice for the text-to-speech tool

• Enhanced teacher-authored prompts that allow for links to source documents, images, and video clips

• Compatible with tablet devices such as iPad; external keyboard recommended


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Recorded Webinar: The Four P’s of an Effective Writing Tool - Personalized Practice with Proven Progress

WriteToLearn™ is a timesaving tool for building writing skills across subject areas.  If “the only way to learn to write… is to write,” then how do we increase student performance and productivity without sacrificing accuracy and thoroughness?Learn how 7th Grade English Language Arts Teacher, Jeff Pence, improves student writing with a specialized game like tool. Joining the discussion is thought leader, Peter Foltz, Vice President of Research and Development and Co-Director of the Center for Next Generation Learning and Assessment with Pearson, who will address the use of scoring technology to support teaching and learning. LIVE WEBINAR Explore ideas for integrating WriteToLearn across your curriculum.April 30, 20145:00 P.M. EDTREGISTER  “It doesn't tell them what to do, but it points out where issues may exist,” said Mr. Pence, who says the WriteToLearn program engages the students almost like a game.

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Sue Ann Towle, WriteToLearn Product Director, Gives an Overview of WriteToLearn

See what WriteToLearn is, how WriteToLearn is especially beneficial for English-language learners, struggling writers and readers, and how the program aligns and supports the Common Core State Standards.

WriteToLearn Common Core State Standards Report

This report explores how WriteToLearn is becoming more closely aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for literacy.
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