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A versatile, multisensory math program that’s easy to teach and easy to learn!

TouchMath is a unique, award-winning, multisensory math program that has helped raise test scores in classrooms around the world for more than three decades. For pre-k, kindergarten, first, second and third grades, special education and intervention, the step-by-step approach covers dozens of critical math concepts, from counting through pre-algebra and fractions. With its comprehensive line of products, TouchMath helps maximize potential and build self-confidence among students of all abilities, learning styles, and cultures. See it, say it, hear it, touch it, and learn it!

Featured Products

TouchMath Tutor Software

The TouchMath Tutor Software series offers software for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade.

FREE Samples

Now is your chance to try TouchMath products at absolutely no charge to you!

First Grade Materials

The First Grade Program provides all the materials you and your first graders need for a complete, hands-on teaching and learning experience.

Teaching Aids

For pre-K through fourth grade, RTI and special education, the cost-effective classroom aids and posters are a critical element to the TouchMath Program.
Featured Resources

Skip counting is the key to learning TouchMath multiplication and division.

Skip counting is the key to learning TouchMath multiplication and division.

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