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TeachersFirst is a free, advertising-free teacher resource web site offered as a service to teachers by The Source for Learning, a non-profit learning and technologies corporation. Our value-added reviews and teacher-friendly site have been helping teachers since 1998, sharing the best of the web and our own original content along with practical implementation ideas and best practices for effective integration of technology as a tool for teaching and learning. We have an international audience and a strong reputation for providing and recommending high quality resources.

TeachersFirst is written and edited entirely by experienced, professional educators. All our resources are reviewed by teaching professionals with relevant experience. TeachersFirst's own units and lessons have been developed for actual classrooms, in consultation with practicing professionals or by the teachers themselves. See a partial list of the many of the professional educators who write and edit the content and reviews on our site.

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As school budgets continue to strain under the pressures of tough economic times, many elementary teachers and parents find...

TeachersFirst's Free Ready-to-go Resources

TeachersFirst’s ready-to-go, projectable classroom activities are designed for either whole class or student-centered use.

OK2Ask - Free Online Professional Development

OK2Ask™ is TeachersFirst's series of live, online "snack sessions" (available both live and in archived format) for self-directed teacher professional development and exploration. 
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