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TD Bank WOW! Zone is a FREE, one-of-a-kind financial education program that helps students develop strong financial skills, in school and online. To sign up to have a bank instructor visit your classroom, go to http://www.tdbank.com/wowzone/contact.aspx.

Lesson Plans available to educators in the Wow Zone online:
° K-1: Intro to Saving & Spending
° Grades 2-3: Intro to Saving & Money, History of Banking and Saving, Checking Accounts & ATM Transactions
° Grades 4-5: Budgeting & Saving, Check It Out, Intro to Credit, Budgeting for a Business
° Grades 6-8: Checking Accounts & ATM Transactions, Balancing a Checkbook, Budgeting & Saving, Saving for a Special Purpose, Reduce, Reuse, Save Money, Savvy Shopping
° Grades 9-12: Checking Accounts & ATM Transactions, Balancing a Checkbook, Planning a Budget, Budgets for College & Work, Saving & Interest, Understanding Lines of Credit, The Stock Market, Income Taxes, Car Insurance, Identity theft.
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