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Stand Tall: "One Brave Thing" Pinterest Contest
When have your high school students stood tall for something they believed in? What brave things do they admire or pledge to do in their own lives?

Your high school students are hereby challenged to create a Pinterest board, as a class, that shows how Abraham Lincoln’s spirit of leadership and bravery lives on within us all.

Step 1: Sign up to participate
Step 2: Create a Pinterest Board titled Stand Tall “One Brave Thing” Pinterest Contest, and pin our contest pin to it
Step 3: Each individual student and you, the teacher, should contribute one pin with the hashtag #OneBraveThing to your class board that illustrates:

  • One Brave Thing students have done as individuals
  • -OR-
  • One Brave Thing they've seen in their homes, schools, or communities
  • -OR-
  • One Brave Thing from history that has inspired them
  • -OR-
  • One Brave Thing they pledge to do

Step 4: Look for announcement of the finalists

Step 5: Rally votes for the Grand Prize!

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