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Our iPad Apps make learning fun and easy… Writing by hand Writing by hand (digitally - on the ipad) makes kids SMARTER! Workbooks of the Future... TODAY!

Our products include over 100 digital workbooks, developed by classroom teachers, PreK to 6th Grade. Children write by hand digitally on the iPad using a stylus.

PreK and K focus on Visual Motor Integration Skills, Tracing, Tracking, Directionality, Alpha/Numerics, Matching, Shapes, Rhyming and Word Families.

Grades 1-6 cover Math, Science, Language Arts & Social Studies.

Our products are based on these proven teaching methodologies:

    1. High quality content - written by teachers*.
    2. Self-paced, self-assessed tutorials for use over and over again.
    3. Guilt-free repetition & scaffolding.
    4. Saves paper, waste and money. GREAT Green product! (NO MORE PRINTING WORKSHEETS)

    *For information on submitting content (and earning money!) visit the teacher page of our website.

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      Visit our website to see videos, and to purchase apps at www.space-boards.com.

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      Our free SpaceBoard App:  PreK through 6th Grade workbooks available for purchase. Children can hand-write in these workbooks countless times “digitally” ...
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