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Helping make critical thinking a daily part of students’ lives.

Mentoring Minds is an educational publisher focused on providing educators the resources they need for educating tomorrow's youth. From critical thinking strategies to behavioral strategies, we have what you need to effectively make a difference on your campus.

Mentoring Minds strives to create a partnership with educators to provide a quality education for all students. As educators dedicated to excellence, it is our privilege to provide valuable teaching tools, including the solutions for transitioning to new state standards, that are needed to empower teachers and to positively impact the lives of children.

Featured Products

Critical Thinking Strategies Guide

The Critical Thinking Strategies Guide provides educators a tool to assist in the development of higher-order thinking and to actively engage students in learning.

Bully Guide

Psychologists estimate that 160,000 children stay home from school every day because they are afraid of being bullied. - National Association of School Psychologists.  
Featured Resources

Building the Meaning of Math Terms through Word Relationships

Through this seminar you will gain insights and ideas into the importance of teaching content area vocabulary. This webinar includes
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