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Time to Know is the first of its kind - a Digital Teaching Platform that streamlines the 21st century digital classroom.

ENGAGE STUDENTS - Our Digital Natives are more engaged when learning is happening in their digital world.Time to Know helps students explore and practice skills in a differentiated learning environment.  

EMPOWER TEACHERS - In this digital classroom, the teacher is always at the core of instruction.  Time to Know simplifies lesson planning and helps teachers transition smoothly between whole class, small group, and individualized instruction.  

EMBRACE TECHNOLOGY - Time to Know allows teachers to have continuous, actionable feedback on every student. The real-time progress monitoring allows the teacher to provide immediate and quality feedback to each student in the class.
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Peek Inside a Digital Classroom

Meet Ms. Williams, a fourth grade teacher using the Time to Know Digital Teaching Platform.  Ms. Williams walks you through planning a T2K lesson, small group discussions on a real-world problem, shows differentiated instruction, indicates how real-time progress monitoring allows her to respond immediately when a student is struggling.
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T2K - Math

The T2K Math program was designed to integrate 21st century skills into the curriculum, and this decision has driven many pedagogical decisions regarding instructional practices and lesson components.

T2K - English Language Arts

The T2K ELA program is integrated into the Digital Teaching Platform which provides the teacher with tools to support curriculum planning, classroom management, and student assessment. The T2k report system allows teachers to obtain real-time data on student progress and use this data to plan lessons accordingly.
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Paradigm Shift in Education

Classrooms of today must keep up with the interests and learning styles of today's digital natives.  Hear from experts around the country on the need for a comprehensive curriculum targeting 21st century skills.
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