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Prepare your students for a career in accounting or to run their own business

The Intuit Education Program provides the software and materials needed to ensure your students know how to use QuickBooks, the #1 selling small business accounting software. Adding QuickBooks in your classroom is easier than ever. We've built a program for educators that provides you with software, a textbook which includes student trial software and lessons that are easy to follow and teach. Fill up your semester with all the lessons, or just a few. Leverage all the components of this program or just the one's you need; you choose what is best for your classroom!

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QuickBooks Software Classroom /Lab Packs

Include QuickBooks in your classroom or lab for as little as $13.80 per seat! Available in 10, 25 & 50 multi-seat packs.

QuickBooks Fundamentals Learning Guide

NEW!  The 2012 student textbook has been updated by Doug Sleeter, one of the nation’s leading QuickBooks and small business accounting software experts.
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