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Unleash Every Student's Potential with Personalized Learning

Compass Learning is uniquely positioned to help teachers provide a successful, personalized learning experience for each and every student. By utilizing current and confirmed research, our learning products are designed to do the following:
 •Assess the student’s top three interests, learning styles, and expression styles
 •Evaluate strengths and weaknesses in specified subject areas
 •Prescribe highly-personalized learning pathways that instruct and build 21st century skills
 •Provide engaging, digital-based K-12 curricula that develop knowledge and higher-order, critical-thinking abilities
Educators can monitor progress and make curriculum adjustments in real-time, based on robust data that can be customized at a student, classroom, grade, school, or district level.
Now students will be eager to learn. Teachers will be empowered to provide a successful learning environment for each and every student. And students and teachers alike will reach their greatest potential.

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A "Picture Perfect" Thank You!
Compass Learning

Teacher Appreciation Week is all about showing gratitude for some of the most important people in the world – teachers! Compass Learning and VolunteerSpot want to make this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week extra special by showcasing children’s artwork and thank-you gifts for their teachers. You could WIN $50 Target gift cards for participating! 

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