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Making Assessment Smarter
Apperson creates affordable, smart and friendly solutions for assessing performance and measuring success. Our DataLink test scanners, answer sheets and reporting software digitally capture data from paper assessments, saving educators time while providing immediately useful, relevant information for instruction. We also offer a full range of custom services for assessment, survey and other data collection and printing needs.

A History of Dependability

We’ve been helping a lot of educators for a long time. Founded in 1955, Apperson’s earlyfocus on precision and reliability has become a natural fit for K-12 and higher education. Our products are now used in more than 85% of school districts in the U.S., with over 40,000 of our data-enabled test scanners delivered globally. We produce more than 150 million answer sheets and forms each year, all backed by the unconditional AccuScan guarantee.

A Helpful Presence
We’re based in Cerritos, California and Seattle, Washington, with offices in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, New York and North Carolina. But no matter where you encounter us, we’ll make sure our reputation for simple-to-use products with friendly customer service holds true – now, and in the future.

Featured Products

DataLink 3000

Simple Scanning for Big Data The workhorse DataLink 3000 test scanner (formerly BenchMark 3000) is versatile enough to handle both small quizzes and large-volume assessments, over and again – without complaint.

DataLink SideKick

Personal, Portable – and Powerful The compact DataLink SideKick personal test scanner is the perfect companion for providing immediately useful, relevant results.

DataLink Connect software

Bridge Paper and Digital The world of education is increasingly digital, even if every classroom, school or institution isn’t. That’s why we developed our exclusive DataLink Connect software - to bridge one data world to the other.

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