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The National Humanities Center presents America in Class® primary sources, online seminars, lessons and essays for history and literature teachers.

America in Class® is designed to promote the analytical skills called for in the Common Core State Standards for English languages arts and literacy in history and social studies. The standards focus on the close reading of texts and aim at teaching specific analytical skills such as:

  • identifying and evaluating textual evidence,
  • determining central ideas,
  • understanding the meanings of words,
  • comprehending the structure of a text,
  • recognizing an author's point of view, and
  • interpreting content presented in diverse media, including visual images.
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Online Seminars

Live, interactive professional development seminars conducted by leading scholars to improve teacher content knowledge, promote discussion-based instruction, and provide fresh material for use with students.
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Essays on topics in American history written by leading scholars. Essays include a content overview, guidance for classroom discussion, bibliographies, additional resources and more.


Key questions, essential understandings, primary sources with context and background, plus discussion excerpts for classroom teaching.  

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