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Engaging, Effective Targeted Intervention – Ace it!

Ace it! provides small group, intervention-focused educational programs to districts, schools and other education partners. Built upon the proven Sylvan foundation of more than 30 years of education research and results, Ace it! partners with educators to deliver engaging, effective, and efficient programs that address their students' needs. Our school-based reading and math programs help educators address a wide range of academic needs, including:

  • After School and Extended Day programs
  • Algebra I support
  • ELL programs
  • Math Grades 1-8
  • Reading K-8
  • RTI programs
  • Summer School

However educators implement Ace it! programs, they can trust our proven track record of improving academic achievement for more than 60,000 students nationwide since 2005. In fact, 4 out of 5 Ace it! students make meaningful academic gains in reading and math.

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See for yourself why Ace it! is chosen by administrators across the US to help their students.
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K-8 Reading Program

Learn the features of the Ace it! Reading Program that provides an effective and efficient reading intervention solution to meet your needs and help you serve your low-achieving students.

Algebra I Support

Boosting middle and high school students' achievement in Algebra I. That's what this Ace it! Intervention solution can do for your students.

English Language Learners

Research shows ELL students benefit particularly from the kind of explicit instruction we provide. See our program's features.
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A free 21-question Algebra Readiness Check-up to help you determine if your child is ready for the rigors of algebra. Skills in this Check-up were identified based on guidelines from the National Mathematics Advisory Panel as providing the critical foundation for algebra. By assuring the development of these critical skills, you are putting your child on the path to higher-level math success.
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