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10 Things Every Teacher Should Try This Summer


Jun 04, 2013 - by Hannah Hudson
A Bucket List for Teachers

Presenting the WeAreTeachers summer bucket list:

  1. We all know the temptation to start planning for next year, but take a break from everything teaching for one week. Two. Maybe an entire month. You’ll be better when you come back to it.
  2. Read a book that’s just for grown-ups.
  3. If you have your own kids, let them plan one wandering, wild, carefree day. The kind that’s hard to have when there are piles of paper to grade.
  4. Whether or not you have kids, plan one of those days yourself!
  5. Take this challenge: Go to Target and buy NOTHING for your classroom. Can you do it?
  6. Make an investment in your professional life that matters to you. Maybe that’s taking a course on a topic you’ve always wanted to learn about. Maybe it’s catching up on this year’s Newbery winners. Whatever your interests, the summer is time for professional development on your terms.
  7. Make it a goal to connect with a colleague you don’t know very well or with whom you haven’t always seen eye to eye. A summer barbecue or coffee outing is a nice opportunity to get to know one another outside of school walls—and established teacher cliques.
  8. Work on a “feel good file” that reminds yourself about the good parts of your job. Include thank you notes from students, inspirational quotes, that mantra from your favorite teaching professor—whatever makes you think, “Yes. This is why I teach.”
  9. As soon as you get that new class list, reach out to every student on it and say hello. You don’t have to do anything fancy or “Pinterest-worthy”—a simple phone call does the trick. (And may be the most important step in setting yourself up for success next year!)
  10. Remember, summer break is like New Year’s Eve for teachers—grand expectations can lead to disappointment. It’s okay if you don’t read every book, finish every house project or cut out every last decoration for next year’s bulletin boards. It’s okay if you don’t have a traditional summer break or are working a second job, too. The next few months will still be filled with small, simple joys. Look out for them!


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Report Inappropriate Content Trofast

08/07/2013 10:00:10

Love the target idea!
Report Inappropriate Content Mrsmccray

08/07/2013 00:57:23

Wow! I needed this.
Report Inappropriate Content Room4.4thGrade

07/19/2013 14:14:29

I also pin things on Pinterest that might be related to teaching (like Little Free Libraries) but mostly not at all: Mailboxes, gardens, cute animals, China, beagles. . .they all help keep me thinking about something relaxing and non-stress related!
Report Inappropriate Content Karen W.

07/18/2013 09:19:36

Thanks! I really needed this.
Report Inappropriate Content teachacpt1

06/29/2013 20:55:34

I've been on Pinterest for a week!! and feel very drained already! Thanks for the tears which suddenly welled up in my eyes after reading this.
Report Inappropriate Content Tamichelle

06/29/2013 12:08:06

I have one thing to add to the list. We must all stop and scream at the top of our lungs...YAH HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Report Inappropriate Content Tamichelle

06/29/2013 12:06:34

I have one thing to add to the list. We must all stop and scream at the top of our lungs...YAH HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Report Inappropriate Content Tanis

06/18/2013 22:53:01

Thank you for reminding me of reality!
Report Inappropriate Content Don'thaveone

06/11/2013 14:29:12

I so needed to read this, because I have been on Pintrest for the past three days... planning! I'm going to make a "Summer Fun To Do" list.
Report Inappropriate Content faleo19

06/10/2013 13:23:42

I will try my best to do these in summer :)
Report Inappropriate Content maskssk

06/06/2013 09:20:57

Remember that there are different awards for different levels of students. While the Newbery is a great place to start, if you work with young children, check out the Caldecott awards list and if you work with middle and high school check out the list for the Printz award. These lists are available at
Report Inappropriate Content slims

06/05/2013 15:13:21

right i really need to do that
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