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Teacher Helpline: What Are Some Fun Ways to Inspire Student Writers?


Apr 18, 2013 - by WeAreTeachers Staff

Teacher Erin writes:

"My third graders groan about writing. I'm looking for some fun, silly, inspiring ideas to surprise them. Thank you all so much! (I love this helpline!!)"

Erin, we feel you! Every teacher knows what it's like to hear "but I don't know what to write about!" Here are some of the super-fun ways our helpliners get their students' juices flowing:

Do your students have writer's block?

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Report Inappropriate Content samuraideano

07/30/2013 12:46:23

Use drama to set a context for writing. For example I had a class role play a rocket trip to Mars when there is a crisis en route (the ship is struck my an asteroid). The key to this is that they must follow directions on prompt cards but they are not allowed to speak. Prompt cards give instructions like "taking off- extreme G-Force", "zero gravity" and of course the "asteroid strike". All of this is done whilst the Planets Suite - Mars is playing and they have to respond to the music also. Really gets the juices flowing and I've had some great writing using this method.
Report Inappropriate Content capturethedrama

05/15/2013 16:09:08

Use DRAMA! Number 4:Brainstorm lists then mix them up. I have done this with my students. On separate cards, we write ideas of settings, characters, problems. A small group of students picks one setting, enough characters that each group member has one, and one problem. Together they improv a story based on the cards. This gets quite funny. After the scene, I guide the students in turning the improv scene into a written story. This is a GREAT way to motivate them to write. I have other ideas for teaching writing on my blog
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