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Infographic: Is a Flipped Classroom Right for You?


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  1. webbmum | May 11, 2016
    Just out of interest, if it's the nature of your learners where they don't ever do homework or any work outside of school/College - what then???
  2. robwhite66 | Jun 22, 2015
    As a parent and teacher, this was my first concern.  I solved this in two ways.  I practice a modified Flipped Classroom.  Students still watch videos and other lessons at home, for students who do not have access to technology, I have two computers dedicated for students to use to watch the lessons.  I do a preview of each lesson so students know what to expect, then I will review later and answer any questions which tends to lead to deeper thinking for students.
  3. lydems | Apr 12, 2015
    Our internet is too slow for my child to be successful with the flipped classroom.  And she does not have her own smart phone or tablet and that causes too much strife from sharing that it is not a good experience all the way around.

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