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15 Apps for the One iPad Classroom

15 Apps for the One iPad Classroom

Hooray! You have a brand new, shiny iPad to use in your classroom this year. 

Boo—there's only one iPad and 35 eager kids ready to use it. 

No need to worry—there are lots of amazing things you can do with a single iPad in your classroom, and it doesn't have to be a classroom management nightmare either.

Here are 15 of our favorite apps that work great with a one iPad setup AND help to keep kids on task and engaged with what you are learning.

  1. No more squabbles: Use Stick Pick to help kids take turns.
  2. Too Noisy lets students know if they are being too loud.
  3. Kids who show good behavior in Class Dojo can earn iPad time.
  4. Tick-tock: Classroom Timer counts down to the next activity.
  5. Set up an easy listening station with Audiobooks from Audible.
  6. Try writing collaborative class stories using Storybook Maker.
  7. Accelerated Reader quizzes are more fun when taken on the iPad!
  8. Invite kids to take turns sharing the Random Fact of the Day.
  9. Use a projector and Google Earth to take virtual field trips.
  10. Track reading progress with Running Records Calculator.
  11. Give struggling students a virtual tutor with HMH Math on the Spot.
  12. Do independent research using Encyclopaedia Britannica.
  13. Study both geography and weather patterns with WunderMap.
  14. Study time! Kids will love the interactive Flashcards+.
  15. Finally: The Scoreboard tracks smilies or frownies for good behavior!

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15 Apps for the One iPad Classroom

What are your favorite apps for the one iPad classroom? Please share in the comments!
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